Chiropractic Testimonials

"My fingers did the walking through the Yellow Pages, but with God's guidance I found Dyer Chiropractic Clinic. My job has been hard on my back and neck, but I feel wonderful with adjustments! Chiropractors are here to help us all. The Good Lord gave doctors the brains to know how to adjust our backs and to help us spiritually."

- Kim W.

"After several weeks of pain in my neck and shoulder I sought help from Dyer Chiropractic Clinic Clinic, knowing the treatment would solve my problem. I am so happy and I feel good as new."

- Elaine M.

"My family (5 kids) has seen a significant decrease in illness. My body feels stronger and healthier, knowing my body is aligned the proper way. Always an encouraging time at Dyer Chiropractic Clinic Clinic! My kids LOVE them!"

- Kellie N.

"After 16 years of pain with every step in my left lower hip area, I am pain free! I can exercise without the dread of the pain that follows. My body overall feels so much better!"

- Jodi D.

"I have gone from not being able to ride in a car for 30 minutes without leg and back pain, to riding for several hours pain free."

- Dave J.

"I had severe lower back pain, and within 3 weeks of adjustments, I had no pain. I use the inversion table, at his recommendation, and I feel great. The doctor gets at the problem, where medications are only a temporary help. I BELIEVE in chiropractic."

- Dave S.

"I've had back pain since childhood, but the acute pain started after my first child was born. I can't stress the importance of regular preventative treatment. When I reach the point of feeling good and tend to stop treatment and my problem, without fail, returns and takes several months to alleviate again. Maintenance is the key to managing the pain well. Try chiropractic before something more invasive or drastic. Keep up regular care for preventative measures."

- Robin B.

"I have been a patient since 1994.  During that time I've had my physical ups and downs, but the doctor has always been there to help me get back on track.  Best of all, he actually CARES about me as a patient and a person.  I've recommended many friends to him, who are now patients there too.  His office is beautiful and the environment is relaxing."

- Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN

"Great results with chiropratic! I'm now feeling no pain after work - even able to do yard work after working all day with no meds!"

- Randy M.

"I'm a firefighter by trade.  About five years ago, my back pain began.  I consulted with my medical doctor and an orthopedic surgeon, with no improvements.  I almost gave up on getting better, but my brother-in-law told me about Dyer Chiropractic Clinic Clinic.  I figured I could at least give them a try!  Since my visits, I have experienced terrific results and feel more flexible, stronger, and able to push myself harder.  I now look forward to a long and happy career -- doing what I love -- not worrying about how much longer my body will last."

- Bill H., Indianapolis, IN

"I had never visited a chiropractor and had no understanding of how integral spinal health is to overall health and well-being. I didn't know that a spinal adjustment would improve other areas of my body too.  They gave me a heel lift for my shoe (for hip alignment), adjustments, stretching exercises and balance training.  I feel much better, and it happened faster than I thought.  If you are new to chiropractic, I encourage you to explore this option, especially as an alternative to medications and/or surgery.  Also, I have been extremely impressed with the friendly, competent, and courteous staff.  It's an extremely clean and functional facility.  I enjoy my visits."

- Paul B., Indianapolis, IN

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